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New 16,000 tree wood to be created in Boston

Plans for a 16,000 tree and shrub development have been approved by Boston Borough Council and work on what will be Dion’s Wood Nature Reserve behind Willoughby Road is expected to begin soon.

The project is being run by the Boston Woods Trust which already has sites at the Joseph Banks Country Park in Wyberton and Fenside Woods on the edge of the Fenside Estate.

Chairman of the group, Adrian Isaac, is excited about being able to add to the group’s portfolio.

Adrian said: “Dion’s Wood Nature Reserve is a 13 hectare site which will comprise a woodland and wildflower meadows. We will also be creating nearly three kilometres of limestone and gravel tracks which will encourage insects and butterflies. There will also be a small lake. To encourage nature dogs are not permitted in this reserve.

“We are sure that the site – close to Pilgrim Hospital, Butterfly Hospice and next to existing council allotments – will be popular and that is why we are also creating a small car park, off Willoughby Road to accommodate 18 vehicles that will be available for volunteers and visitors.

“The facility will help the recovery of a depleted natural environment and offer a peaceful haven for local people.”

The new site will be a welcome addition to the existing Joseph Banks facility which includes Westgate Wood, Oak Wood, Jenny’s Wood and Wildflower Meadow whilst the Fenside facility includes Grange Wood, Beech Wood, Pioneer Wood and Beech Wood Green Burial. Together the sites cover 110 acres of woods and parkland and the sites are home to 90,000 trees and shrubs that have been planted over two decades.

The Trust was established in 2001 and has worked towards its goals of developing woodland around Boston for the benefit of everyone by increasing biodiversity, combating climate change, creating sustainable woodland and improving health and well-being for local people.

“I am very proud of what our wonderful band of volunteers has achieved,” said Mr Isaac.

The group is always looking for people to get involved with the maintenance and development of the woods, from planting young trees, mulching, pruning and planting wild flowers to litter picking and seat cleaning.

Volunteers benefit from exercise in the fresh air and the company of others. No experience is necessary with tasks for all abilities and no commitment on time. There is also an Easy Crew for volunteers of any age.

The group is also always looking for new members – not least because the more members they have the more likely they are to be successful in securing funding when applying for grants. Organisations helping to support the group receive regular newsletters and know they are helping to build a better Boston.

Other ways people can support is by leaving a legacy in their will to make Boston a better place for children, grandchildren and all those who follow after us.

Mr Isaac said: “All we ask is that when people make or amend their will they think about leaving a sum of money to The Boston Woods Trust.

​“All sorts of sponsorship options are also available and sponsoring a tree is an ideal way to celebrate a special occasion and show someone you care about them and the environment. You can also sponsor a tree in memory of a loved one. Or why not adopt an established tree?

“Seats and chainsaw sculptures can be dedicated in memory of a loved one, or for any special occasion. They are available in various locations in the woods and park,” said Mr Isaac.

Launch events for Dion’s Wood Nature Reserve are planned for Sunday 21st November and Sunday 5th December, where you can help plant the trees – to be imaginatively called the Boston Tree Party. For more details of this and any other aspect of the Boston Woods Trust see the website , email or contact Adrian Isaac on (01205) 365949.

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Very disappointed dogs on leads won't be allowed. We live very close to the development and had hoped dogs would be allowed. I understand the need to establish wildlife as a priority. Is it likely dogs will be allowed once it is established?

Frances Brooks
Frances Brooks
Aug 04, 2021
Replying to

As we all know, you can't please all the people all of the time, which is why it is good that the areas of Boston Woods have different characters.

Our aims are to grow healthy trees, as carbon sequestration helps in the fight against climate change, to create varied habitats to encourage biodiversity and to provide open space for the health and well being for all.

We do allow dogs at our other sites, so the decision has been made to prioritise the wildlife on the new site by creating a Nature Reserve. Human visitors, soome of whom do not appreciate dogs, will be welcome but we expect it to be a quieter place where wildlife will thrive. So no,…


As stated earlier it is not possible to please everyone. Unfortunately walking with one's dog in a safe environment seems to be an issue with increasing reports of dog snatching, including a near miss for my daughter. My other concern is walking unaccompanied and the encounters with drunks and drug users and their abandoned rubbish.


How very disappointing that dogs won't be allowed in any part of this area. So many people nearby who have a dog would love this on their doorstep. We can take our dogs to all the other areas and it would be lovely to just walk up the road to a beautiful place rather than use the car.

Pamela Pjeant
Pamela Pjeant
Jul 30, 2021
Replying to

thank you, some of us are afraid of dogs, and not all owners have trained their dogs

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