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The Boston Woods Trust is a local independent charitable trust established in 2001.
We have long term plans to develop woodland around Boston for the benefit of all.

For Health and Wellbeing

Outdoor space is essential for both mental and physical wellbeing.

The woods and parkland  provide an opportunity to exercise in a natural  environment. Exercise in woodlands can help with problems of high blood pressure and obesity, as well as anxiety, stress and depression.

Our all weather paths allow access for all including cyclists but please respect other visitors.

Dogs are welcome, except in Nature Reserve areas, but please keep them under control and ensure all litter and waste is removed and disposed of responsibly.

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Combat Climate Change

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Carbon sequestration is one method of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Because they soak up the carbon that would otherwise rise up and trap heat in the atmosphere, trees and plants are important players in efforts to stave off global warming in a process called climate change mitigation

In the last two decades we have planted over 90,000 trees and shrubs and added over 16,000 more trees in 2022.

Encourage Biodiversity

By creating a variety of habitats and planting new native woodland with UK-grown trees, we provide  havens for wildlife, boosting biodiversity. As we plant more areas of woodland we will create corridors which are essential for increasing wildlife populations.

In time we hope to create a habitat to introduce the endangered Hazel Dormouse.




Silviculture - the care and cultivation of woodland, is essential for the long term health and development of our woods. 

This includes pruning and thinning trees to ensure the best specimens grow to maturity.

It also ensures a range of habitats and food sources to boost biodiversity.

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