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Welcome to Beech Wood Green Burial
                            one with nature

Boston Woods Trust has for many years been recreating natural spaces for wildlife and people in our area. We can now offer an area for natural burial in a beautiful setting of trees and wildflowers where birds and mammals live in harmony and our loved ones can be at one with nature.

The five acres of the Beech Wood Green Burial site have been landscaped with an all-weather perimeter path and planted with over 4000 native deciduous trees.

This young woodland, with wildflower burial glades, is adjacent to our established Beech Wood. It will be a growing, living memorial, gaining in beauty as the years pass and will provide pleasure and benefits to future generations. 


A Beech Wood Green Burial frees relatives from the worry of maintaining a formal grave in the future as the site will be maintained as a part of The Boston Woods.

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Beech Wood Green Burial is for every one of any faith or none. The Burial Ground is non-denominational but individual plots may be consecrated.

Traditional funeral patterns do not have to be followed and the funeral can be carried out with or without the involvement of a funeral director. It is your choice whether you have a religious service, a secular service or an informal gathering.

​The site has been planted with over 4000 native deciduous trees with an open ride and burial glades seeded with wild flowers. The area will continue to change and develop over several decades as the trees grow to maturity and the wildlife increases. The land will be managed by the Boston Woods Trust.


There are 14 wild flower glades, each named for the predominant trees planted around them. Either a full burial plot, or a smaller  plot for the interment of cremated remain can be purchased.

Each site will be marked with a  Lakeland Green slate marker tablet with the deceased details and a plan of the site maintained recording every burial.


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Beech Ariel 2019.jpg

Although we will take advance reservation of  a plot in the wood, to ensure minimum disturbance to the site all burials will be placed sequentially with the exception of a spouse or partner when arrangements have been made for a double plot. 



The Beech Wood Green Burial site is located beyond the residential area on Fenside Road. It can be reached either from Brothertoft Road or from Washdyke Lane. Sat Nav location PE21 8LA. Alternatively it can be approached from Sluice Bridge along one mile of public riverbank footpath.

The site forms part of The Boston Woods Trust Fenside Woods and is freely open to all visitors at all times.

The area is accessible to all with 1.6 km of all-weather paths through the established wood and around the more recently planted areas. There is temporary access to permitted vehicles when required.

The site is unattended but a member of the Trust would be happy to show you around by arrangement  and explain our ethos.

 Email: for more information.

Telephone: 01205 723040 or 07845 481621

Site Rules

  • If a coffin is used it must be fully biodegradable. Suitable materials are non-rainforest wood, wicker, bamboo or cardboard. Similarly ashes may be buried in a biodegradable casket or simply placed in the grave.​

  • No non-biodegradable articles can be placed in the coffin or grave.

  • To maintain the natural surroundings no graveside plantings or adornments are permitted. ​

  • Simple floral tributes are allowed at the burial but they must be unwrapped and tied with natural fibre. They will be removed at the discretion of the Boston Woods Trust.​

  • Each grave will be marked with a piece of Lakeland Green Slate with the deceased's details and a plan of the site maintained recording every burial.​

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Burial plot                          £700

Burial                                £300      (including engraved Lakeland Green Slate marker and administration.)

Grave digging                     £375

Cremated Remains plot       £300

Burial of Ashes                   £300      (Including interment, engraved Lakeland Green Slate marker and administration.)

Burial or ash plots may be reserved in advance and a spouse or partner may reserve an adjacent plot if required.  


For more information, please contact your funeral director or

Frances at Boston Woods Trust on:

01205 723040 / 07845 481621

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