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Great feedback from Boston Endeavour Academy:

Earlier this year, Boston Endeavour Academy students have visited Westgate Woods and met the chairmen of the The Boston Woods Trust, Stephen Elwood. We have enjoyed the walk around the woods and have built a shelter with Stephen. We would like to say a big Thank You to Stephen for letting us take some woodland's resources back to school with us, so we could use them at our Forest School.

We have made some Christmas decorations from the logs that we took from the woods. We were sawing the logs, sanding the slices of wood, drilling holes and finally decorated them.

We wish to share with you the photos of our students' experience and activities led by Anastasia at the Forest School.

Without the resources that Stephen has let us take, our activities would not be possible, therefore we would like to ask you to support the Boston Wood Trust by donating at

The Academy posted this on Facebook - we are pleased to hear the activity was such a success with your students.

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