Lincolnshire Lichens
Saturday 25th June, 1pm to 5pm


An opportunity to take a closer look at these fascinating organisms which clothe our trees and monuments with a multi-coloured mosaic.

The workshop will be led by Professor Mark Seaward, a well-known lichenologist, who will draw attention to the biodiversity and ecological requirements of lichens.

An introductory talk will be followed by fieldwork to evaluate the status of lichens locally, particularly of woodland and a churchyard.

Come suitably dressed for the field. Although some hand-lenses will be provided, if you already possess one, do please bring it with you. Bring your camera too!

A facinating introductory illustrated talk was presented by Mark Steward in the Mallard Rooms. We then had a stroll around the Westwood lakes finding a range of lichen on a variety of substrates. It seems the widespread yellow lichen Xanthoria polycarpa seen on tree trunks is an indicator of improving levels of polution. We crossed over into Westgate Wood where Mark was delighted with the beautiful lichen found on the ash trees. When we moved on to Wyberton church most of us were amazed to learn that the red colouration of the stonework was actually all due to lichen. There were many different types and colours of lichen to be found but we did not scratch the surface of the thousand plus names which it seems Prof. Seaward can recognise and explain. My favorite, one of the few with a common name, was the script lichen which looked like black Y's on a white background.

Thank's to the Preservation Trust and Mark Seaward for giving us this chance to learn alittle about a neglected subject.

Patrons:  Mr Lawrence Banks CBE;   The Right Revd. Christopher Lowson, Bishop of Lincoln.

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